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David & Tracy Wikander, 541-360-0025,

​For 40 years, we have been on the lookout for couples who can help couples in the highest possible way. We look for how they work together, how long they've been together and, especially, how they love each other. Tracy and David Wikander are one such couple. Together for 23 years they walk their talk. Their wisdom, integrity and love are clearly felt. 

                            -Barry Vissell, MD and Joyce Vissell, RN,MS, authors, counselors, teachers and founders of The Shared Heart Foundation (

Areas of exploration during our trainings:

  • ​Greater feelings of closeness, connection and intimacy
  • Practical communication skills and tools to easily integrate into your daily life
  • How to increase positivity in your relationship
  • Stepping out of the conflict wheel and into effective ways of communication
  • Healing old wounds, betrayal and trust issues
  • Projections, assumptions and roles
  • How to nurture romance and sexuality
  • Increasing the spark, fire, and fun

What to Expect in the Couples Only Training:

  • We interactively and experientially teach relationship concepts, tools and skills within a group exploration process.
  • Couples break-out into their personal couple dyad to practice tools and skills
  • The group debriefs and shares the learning/impact of the experience

               Group sharing is voluntary and privacy of couples experiences are respected

  • At times, couples will work with their non-partners to support and clarify concepts to assist in the relationship growth.

What to Expect in the Relationship Trainings (open to all):

  • The training flow is similar to the Couples Only Training above in that those that are attending as a couple will generally practice with their own partners. Individuals will practice with other individuals.
  • At times, couples will work with their non-partners to support and clarify concepts to assist in the relationship growth.

Our workshops and trainings are interactive dynamic experiences

where we practice learnings, tools and insights.

All of our trainings are open to all sexual and gender orientations.

Fostering Vibrant Relationships

Couples Vitality 

David and Tracy Wikander

Couples Vitality

David and Tracy are living breathing examples of a couple who walks the talk. We always experience them as respectful, kind, affirming and very loving couple. We admire the care they take with their relationship, always realizing the importance of leaving time for each other, despite the busyness of their everyday lives. We enjoy experiencing the fruits of their life's work as a couple. We cherish our time together as they are models for us as a couple

                                                                                                                      -AC & DE

Couples & Relationship Vitality Trainings

  • Do you sometimes feel there is a lack of trust or intimacy in your relationship?
  • Is the overall dynamic in your relationship creating closeness or distance?
  • Do you find yourself arguing about the same issues over and over again without resolve?
  • Do you sometimes feel isolated or alone or without a sense of "togetherness"?
  • What are the conversations you are having unskillfully or avoiding?
  • Do you ever feel as if you and your partner just don't understand each other?
  • Do you sometimes wonder where the passion and romance went?
  • Do you feel satisfied with your relationship and yet desire more vitality, fun, fire or spark?

Whether you have been with your partner for years, or are beginning a new relationship, our Couples Vitality Trainings will help bring more vibrancy and positive relationship satisfaction.