Couples Vitality 

David and Tracy Wikander

Couples Vitality

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Tracy is a respected and inspirational Licenced Therapist, MFT, with a consistently full and wait-listing private practice in Santa Cruz, CA. Tracy works with individuals, couples, families and adolescents. She has over 19 years combined experience in the counseling and personal growth field. Before embarking on her career as a therapist, she helped operate a whitewater rafting company with David in which she specialized in multi-day wilderness rafting trips with a workshop focus. Tracy is highly intuitive and has a unique ability to see the essence of her clients and to home in on the core of the issues. She uses a client-centered, strength-based, solution-focused positive psychology approach. 

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David is a respected and popular international coach, senior leader. and certification supervisor for CRR Global. ( David travels the globe teaching a systems relationship coaching for CRR Global. He has a private coaching practice with a wide variety of clients from all over the world and cultures. Prior to working as a professional coach, he created and ran several businesses, including over 25 years of leading workshops and trainings with his white-water rafting company where he developed a diverse program of whitewater journeys ranging from wild and crazy class V whitewater to multi-day workshops. He focused on leadership development and mentoring with workshops that had an educational, personal or spiritual growth emphasis. He has a renaissance spirit with a diverse educational and occupational background. 

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We have been together as a couple for over 24 years, raised two children and currently enjoy being grandparents to our three grandchildren. The story of our meeting was published in a book on magical meetings, Meant To Be, by Barry and Joyce Vissell. We were interviewed for a book about couples that have successfully navigated challenges while maintaining a vibrant relationship, and we were featured in a PhD dissertation on Sacred Sexuality. â€‹Prior to our current careers of coach and therapist, we worked together for several years co-leading multi-day wilderness personal growth focused workshops with David's whitewater rafting company. 

We have worked through many personal and relational challenges in the 24 years of being together and bring our experience of successfully navigating these challenges to our clients and participants. We believe in the power of relationship as one of the most potent sources of personal growth. Keeping our own relationship as a priority through these life challenges, seeking out help when needed, being each others number one fans, and committing to seeing the best in each other are part of what has helped us create a relationship full of deep love, respect, and passion. We lean into this experience and history to help our clients and participants navigate their relationship challenges and successes. We know and deeply believe in the possibility of successful fulfilling relationships.
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