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David and Tracy Wikander

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David and Tracy have a loving way of cutting through the stories, excuses, and defenses straight to the real heart of the matter. Their insight, as well as specific practical tools, that we use frequently in our marriage, have been a saving grace for us. David and Tracy are not only a model for a healthy, loving, and "still hot after all these years" relationship, they bring that out in other couples too. We have been together for 14 years, and thanks to David and Tracy we feel like we are just getting started. The guidance we have received from their wisdom has been the single most valuable thing in keeping our relationship strong.


​We believe that relationships can thrive and remain full of vitality, intimacy, and passion over the years. Few of us were mentored or have role models for how to build and sustain a vibrant and intentional relationship. Few relationships will be able to achieve an ever-growing aliveness without some guidance and support. With positive guidance, nurturing, communication tools, and willingness, most couples can have their desired relationship. We work with couples individually and in workshop trainings to foster vibrant relationships. 

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Interview published in The Good Times, Santa Cruz

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David & Tracy Wikander, 541-360-0025,

Before we were married, David and Tracy helped us fill our "tool box" with creative, fun, and very effective communication techniques. I had never done any coaching or counseling work prior to this and was a bit skeptical about the whole process. They made the experience one filled with joy and commitment to staying deeply connected. Because of their experience and passion for this subject, it ended up being very educational, cathartic, and really fun. My wife and I have used these skills often to keep our marriage exciting and very balanced. People often describe us as resilient and I give credit to David and Tracy for that.
​ -DR